This problem occurs when the glasses are not 'free rinsing' and is caused by non-rinsing films on the glass.

  • Dishcloth is used to dry glasses. Dishcloth has fabric conditioner on it which is tranferred to the glass leaving a non-rinsing film
    Solution - Renovate the glasses
  • Food grease – Food grease from crisps, peanuts or food plates has somehow contaminated the glasses
    Solution - Renovate the glasses and make sure glasses are washed in a glasswasher and are not washed in the dishwasher

Renovate powder is available from Tel 0845 519 3397

The Clenaglass range of glasswashers have a pre programmed renovate cycle as standard.

Simple, it looks right. A pint of lager should have a foamy head and a release of gas bubbles.

When it is not properly clean, it looks flat.

This can be caused by too much rinse aid being injected into the glasswasher or a build up of non-rinsing films.

Many modern lipsticks are silicone based and are made to stay on for as long as needs be. The best way to remove them is with a lipstick removal pad available from Tel 0845 519 3397

This is caused by bad storage which does not allow the glasses to dry. When glasses are removed from the glasswasher it is important they are stored on an aired shelf.

This is a common problem because on busy nights the demand on glasses is higher than the glass population can keep up with and as the glasses are cleaned they are stacked back on to the shelves in front of cool dry glasses.

The Solution is the Airack glass dryer, which accelerates the drying process from around 40 minutes to about 4. A simple solution to a common problem that only requires a 13 amp plug.

The Airack is available from Tel 0845 519 3397

Protecting your glasses whilst inside the glasswasher and in storage can pay dividends in reducing the number of broken glasses and perhaps more costly the risk of broken glass getting inside the various pumps in your glasswasher. can supply glasswash racks to suit any kind of glass contact us on 0845 519 3397